Ethno restaurant "Bojcinska Koleba"

Bojcin Forest

An oasis of peace at your fingertips

The most visited picnic spot in Belgrade

The Bojcin forest is located on the territory of the municipality of Surcin and is protected as a natural monument due to its peculiarities (some of the rare plant and animal species, including the white-tailed eagle).

It covers about 650 hectares, and at its very beginning, next to the restaurant, there is also a summer stage where the now famous event “Bojcin Cultural Summer” is held. There are also bungalows where you can spend the night and a 1600m long track with 16 obstacles, ideal for training in the fresh air.

The path through the forest over 3 km long and plenty of organized space for hikers is, in addition to everything else, what makes it worth visiting the Bojcin Forest.