Ethno restaurant "Bojcinska Koleba"

About Us

This is a story about the Srem tradition

"Bojcinska Koleba"

Ethno restaurant Bojcinska Koleba was opened in 2006 with the desire to evoke the authentic spirit of old Srem as well as to present the way of life of the people both with a unique ambience and an excellent offer of local cuisine specialties, especially mangalitsa dishes. The natural monument “Bojcinska Suma” is located at the very entrance to the protected area.

The interior of Bojcinska Koleba restaurant is decorated in a traditional style that reflects the spirit and way of life in Srem. “Koleba” means the place where people lived who raised mangalitsa pigs, in the oak forests of lower Srem. With the desire to preserve the famous tradition from oblivion, the founder of the restaurant revived one such “Cotton”.

Reserve your place

If you want to enjoy with your guests in a beautiful natural environment, the restaurant Bojcinska Koleba Progar is open for the organization of all kinds of celebrations, team building with an excellent offer of food and drinks, as well as professional service from friendly staff.

An unforgettable party is guaranteed by the music of the Srem tambourine players, who are in charge of a good atmosphere.

Your oasis of peace

Everyone loves an ethnic restaurant

Within the Bojcinska Koleba restaurant there is a large hall with a capacity of 100 seats, as well as a small hall that can accommodate 40 people. We are especially proud of the large garden with a capacity of 200 places, which is hidden in a forest of hundred-year-old oaks, offering our guests a refuge from the noise and bustle of the city.

Domestic products

Mangalitsa meat

Behind the restaurant, in the forest, on an area of 60 hectares, we keep mangalitsa. This old breed of pigs, known for its positive cholesterol and healthy meat, is raised here in an extensive and traditional way, in the forest, where they can move freely and eat a healthy way, which especially affects the quality of meat and fat. This is also the secret of the high and unique quality of mango products.

Bojcinska Koleba restaurant is recognizable for its top-quality mango products, which are 100% homemade.

Mangalitsa meat specialties are an indispensable part of our offer, in addition, you can also take away dried products such as bacon, ham, sausages, crackers from our ham shop.