Ethno restaurant Bojcinska Koleba opened in 2006 with the desire to demonstrate the authentic spirit of the old Srem, also to represent local people life style, with its unique ambience, and with excellent offer of specialties of local cuisine, especially mangulitsa dishes – a special breed of pigs. It is located at the very entrance of the protected area, a monument of nature “Bojcin Forest”.

The interior of the restaurant Bojcinska Koleba is decorated in a traditional style that reflects the spirit of Srem and its way of life. “Koleba” defines the place where mangulitsa breeders lived, in the oak forests of the lower Srem. Wishing to preserve the famous tradition from oblivion, the founder of the restaurant has revived one such “Koleba” .

Within the restaurant Bojcinska Koleba there is a large hall with a capacity of 100 seats, as well as a small hall where 40 people can be accommodated. We are especially proud of our large garden with a capacity of 200 places hidden in the woods of centuries-old oaks, providing our guests a refuge from the city noise and bustle.

Bojcinska Koleba restaurant is recognizable for its top quality mangulitsa products, which are 100% homemade. Mangulitsa is an old breed of pigs that are famous for their healthy cholesterol and quality meat. In our country, this type of pig is bred in a traditional way, in the forest, where they can move freely and eat healthy food. That is also the secret to high and unique quality of the mangulitsa products.

Bojcinska Koleba’s menu has a welcome “Becar sandwich” (bread, pork fat and ale peppers), as well as dried meat products: sausages, pork crisps, pork fat, dried bacon, ham, pecka, mangulitsa pig salami… also available for sale.

In addition, our offer includes top beef cevapi (kebabs), a large selection of local cooked dishes, and as a house specialty stands a grill sausage, a sheep stew “Cobanac”, a Bojcin cherry sauce ribs, and a traditional Sunday lunch (soup, sauce, rinflajs and homemade oven cookies).

We also roast mangulitsa pigs on weekends, but for this we need an announcement in advance (booking).

Since we are close to the river, we exclusively store river fish (perch, catfish, carp, pike, bream …) fried on mangulitsa fennel, except at the time of fasting. We cook a fish stew on Fridays.

If you want to enjoy with your guests in a beautiful natural environment, the restaurant Bojcinska Koleba-Progar is opened for organizing all kinds of celebrations, team building events with an excellent offer of food and drinks, and professional service by our friendly staff. An unforgettable party is guaranteed  with Sremska tamburitza musicians. We drink homemade brandy-rakia “dudinjara” and other homemade brandies. Wines are offered exclusively from domestic producers, as well as household produce juices.

Our restaurant is the right place to relax and enjoy at just half an hour drive from Belgrade city center.